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Popular Service Shuang Spa


Indi-Signature Massage Shuang Spa
Rain Breeze Scrub
Divine Massage Shuang Spa
双 Indi-Signature Massages
Rain Breeze Scrub
Divine Massage
Popular Service Shuang Spa

A unique Swedish massage technique specially developed at Shuang Spa.


approx 60mins from $94

approx 80mins from $121

approx 120mins from $173

Experiment with strong and subtle variations in water flow as you enjoy the water services after a rejuvenating body scrub.
The ultimate water treatment.


approx 40mins from $73 

Scented candle massage,
an invigorating & sensual experience.
A warm therapy massage for the maximum relaxation.

Simply divine.

​approx 90mins from $131

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